"Do We Have Stamps?"

Two weeks ago my daughter gave a masterclass in staying connected during these unprecedented days of quarantine and social distancing. 

She bounded out of her room at the end of another work-from-home day energized, with a pile of envelopes. "Mom, do we have stamps? I need eight."


"Yes--I wrote cards to some friends. We're going to start sending letters to each other since we can't hang out. And FaceTime is just OK. Plus, I like writing to my friends."

A fortnight on, she now gets letters from her friends, connecting the old fashioned way, with a pen and a card and an envelope and a stamp. It's made me envious of getting letters from friends, to have something to look forward to after looking at screens and a keyboard all day. I think I'll write a few notes to some friends this weekend, now that I know where the stamps are. 

To all our amazing customers, we want to offer a 25% off your Pressed, Ink order with the code TOGETHER, from now until April 30. Order some cards, and then find the stamps :)  


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